Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Trip to London

London was great! Kenny and I did a lot of walking on
this trip, but saw some amazing sites. I loved the parks!
They were huge and beautiful and loaded with families have
picnic and playing soccer. I loved every minute of our trip, but
was so glad to get home to my little boy.

The view from the London Eye.

Kenny and I tried to go the soccer game while we were
there, but the game was sold out. We were quite sad but we
did get to see the stadium.

The Tower Bridge

Our Hotel was in the prefect spot. We were in the
middle of everything and right next to the London Eye.

The changing of the guards.
Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

The second love of my life David Beckham.

Our Trip to Paris

Our trip to Paris was absolutely amazing. Kenny
and I had such a wonderful time together. There wasn't
much that we did see. I feel like these pictures don't do justice
to how beautiful everything is, but here are a few picture anyways.

One of my favorite museum was the Army Museum
were Napoleon's tomb is.One of the amazing parks in Paris The Jardin Du Luxembourg Park.

Arc de Triomphe

The first museum of the day was the Louvre.

The view from the top of tower of the Notre- Dame. This
picture does not do justice of how beautiful Paris is.
Mona Lisa