Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Team LA Galaxy!

First soccer practice with Team LA Galaxy!
I'm not kidding that is there team name. Very
appropriate since we just left LA. Landon
is quite the natural I will say.

Park Playdate with Cousin Cayden!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Moments!

The other day Landon and I were talking and I was
asking him some questions. So this is how it went.

Mom: Landon who is your favorite Basketball Player?

Landon: Kobe Bryant!
Mom: Landon who is your favorite Swimmer?
(thinking he would say his Dad)
Landon: Michael Phelps he wins all the gold medals!
Mom: Landon who is your favorite Golfer?
(once again thinking he would say Tiger Woods)
Landon: MY PAPA KEN!

I teared up and started to cry. It was very
unexpected for him to say my Dad since he has

never seen my dad or known that he loved to play golf.

Good Luck Babe!

Today is Kenny's first day of school. For those that
don't know Kenny got into BYU's MBA program. So
we will be here for the next two year until he
graduates. GO COUGARS! Kenny and I were talking
and realized that this is Kenny first time going to school
without having to swim two hours before and two after
and no weight training since he was 11 years old. He
is used to the pressure so I know he will do great.
Even thou he is not swimming he is currently training
for his THIRD MARATHON this year coming up
next month. WHAT A STUD!

Landon wanted his picture taken too!

Cute Boys!

A day at Seven Peaks! These two boys are
so much alike it is not even funny. You would think that
they were brothers. My Cousin and I love to get together
to let them play.

Landons's New Friends!

The move as been really hard on Landon, but luckily
the neighbors right behind us have three little boys for
Landon to play with. So one night we had them come
over for some SNOW CONES!

Happy Birthday to Me!

I just celebrated my 27th birthday a couple
weeks ago. Kenny was in New York so Landon
and I had a party of our own. It is a big family
to get donuts on there birthday.
So my sweet cousin knowing that my husband
was out of town brought me donuts all
the way from Salt Lake City. Thanks Linds your
the BEST! My friends
Derek and Jaclyn came over
and Derek watched Landon while Jaclyn

and I went shopping. Over all it was a
good birthday. Birthday are not

what they used to be. Getting older STINKS!