Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Party

Ever year we go to this easter party and aways
end up having a really good time, but this year was a
little different. We have been trying to potty train Landon, which
was going pretty good. The problem we have is that he doesn't
want to leave to go potty because he doesn't want to miss out on
anything. Which is understandable! Unless YOU are the dragging him
across that golf course threw the club house to the bathroom
and realized that he has pooped his pants. So back threw the
club house to the car! Keep in mind the whole time he was
walking like he just got off a horse. So I was taking pictures of
him because he looked so cute standing there
with his arms folded, but little did I know what he was really doing!

Easter 2008

Landon had a total blast decorating eggs this year.
He was so proud of is work, I didn't have the heart to
crack them to eat them.

Landon in his cute Easter outfit! Thanks Nana

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Maui 2008

We just got back from a wonderful vacation
to Maui. I got to go to my first Luau, take
my first surfing lesson and go whale watching.
Pretty sad when my 3 year son experienced
them for the first time too and he is only 3.

Everyday Landon played with his
Daddy and Papa on the Pirate Boat.

I couldn't pass this picture up.
Landon's face just kills me!

No Fear!

I may not be showing it but I was a nervous wreak,
I was so nervous having Landon on a boat!

Ending results!