Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Bye to Productivity... MTV

For those that don't know, MTV uploaded their entire music video catalog onto the inter-web. Now we all can return to watching actual Music Videos...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Interview with The Famous Race Car Driver Landon Carpenter

Carving Our Pumpkins!

I think are pumpkin carvings are relating how
we have been feeling lately. Kenny's on the left
mine in the middle and Landon on the right.

Pumpkin Carving is Not for Everyone!

The MBA Halloween Party!

Landon a Famous Race Car Driver, Kenny was
Earl from My Name is Earl, and Me nothing. I can
never think of anything. Maybe next year!

Halloween Fun!

Family night out at Thanksgiving Point. We had so
much fun! As you can tell by the picture we weren't
lacking in entertainment. School pretty tough and we
don't see a whole lot of Kenny, but when we do we
try to make it special with Landon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All good things have to come to an end!

Bless the Crane's for coming into town. I've said
once before but I'll say it again. Landon has had the
hardest time with is move. It is just about every other day
that he tells me how much he hates it here and wants
to move back to Cali. Our friends were in town so we got to
visit them. Landon was so exicited to see his friends. Thanks
Carrie for letting us crash for a couple hours.

After a fun day of playing and lunch it did have
to come to an end at one point. It was so sad even I
started to cry. As I was driving away with such pain in
his voices he kept saying "Please Mama just turn
the car around, please I need my friends". I just
broken my heart. I he has such love for is friend and
misses everyone so much. We will be coming
out in December so hope to see you all soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Love Halloween Time!

Landon and his Nana started little Frankie, and then
Landon and I finished him. I thought he turned out pretty cute.
Thanks Nana for the fun times!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Good Bye Warm Weather!

This is the view from our house. We just had a big storm
that passed threw this weekend bring lots of rain and cooler
temperatures. Fun but scary. Next weekend temperatures
are suppose to be High 39 Low 10. Holy Crap!
The joys of living in Utah. I'm much more of a California girl!

St. Geroge Marathon 26.2 miles

I might have to run next year so I get the excuse to eat
a fat piece of bread, drumstick and more.

I'm a proud wife. I have to brag a little bit. Kenny just
ran his third marathon this year. He was in great shape
before, but only had two months to train for this marathon.
Kenny finished in 3 hours and 18 minutes. TOTALLY AWESOME!
It was a miserable experience, it was cold and raining the
whole time, but what a stud to finish. These were the signs
that we made for him while he ran.

Thanksgiving Point!

Landon has been learning about Dinosaurs in
school so Kenny and I thought we would take him the
the Museum at Thanksgiving Point. He loved it! I was
impressed he even knew some of their names.