Sunday, April 27, 2008

Less Than 24 Hours!

Yep that right less than 24 hours and Kenny and I are
on our way to Paris, France and London, England for our fifth
anniversary. I feel really guilty for leaving Landon so my cousin
gave me the idea of giving him a gift for everyday that
we are gone. Not only will it be fun for him to open a
gift everyday, but it is a good way for him to count down
the day's till Mommy and Daddy come home. Thanks Linds!

We Love Our Dodgers!

We love going to the Dodger game and getting Dodger Dogs,
hot peanuts, and soft served ice cream, but who doesn't.
I was quiet the game or should I say the first inning was. The
Dodgers hit 10 run in the first inning. Then got boring so we ate.
Then about the Fifth inning the umpire got hit by a fast ball in the jaw
and knock him out cold. I was really scary, I thought he was dead. He
didn't move for like five minutes. Anyways to top it off
Landon and I got on the big screen. Fun Times!

Our Trip to Disneyland

Before my season pass ran out and before we move
back to Utah Kenny and I wanted to take Landon to
Disneyland. We had so much fun and will be sad to leave
beautiful Southern California!

Landon's new favorite ride the Matterhorn!
But he still loves the Buzz Lightyear ride, we
went on it 4 times! We are now the new pros.

I guess he's not the Prince Charming he thinks he is!

Waiting very patiently for the parade to start!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Arizona Trip

Landon and I went to Arizona not to long ago for my
brother Kyle's home coming. It was so nice to have the
family back together again.
Best Buddies! Landon and Ethan

While the guys went to the priesthood session the girls went
to Cherish house for a dinner. She let the kids and me ride
the horse, feed the chickens, and a ATV. We were
covered in dirt but had such a good time.
Thanks Cherish